Johnny Carson - His Favorite Moments from 'The Tonight Show' - Johnny Goes Home Trailer

Johnny Carson - His Favorite Moments from 'The Tonight Show' - Johnny Goes Home Trailer (1982)

15 February 1982

Volume 2 Part 2 - Rerelease of the 1982 NBC special "Johnny Goes Home," which follows Carson on a tour of his rural Nebraska home. This is Johnny Carson's nostalgic visit back to his hometown of Norfolk, Nebraska in the fall of 1981, revisiting the places of his youth (including his childhood home) and talking with some of the people he grew up with. It's simply a heartwarming time capsule within a time capsule - not only do we get to hear about the vanished era of a small town as it was back in the '30's and '40's from the people who were there (many of whom are probably gone by now), but for those of us who remember watching Johnny every night, it's a nostalgic trip back to the early '80's when he was still the king of late night TV. With the inclusion of some of Johnny's old home movies from that era, as well as the soothing soundtrack, you are bound to feel a tinge of nostalgia for Norfolk, Nebraska in the '40's, even if you were never there.

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United States 15 February 1982

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