The Pokrovsky Gates Trailer

The Pokrovsky Gates Trailer (1982)

01 January 1982 Drama, Comedy, Romance 140 mins

Stories from the lives of the tenants of the Moscow's communal apartment: Kostik, who is a college student, lives with his aunt while studying; Arkady Velyurov who is a performing artist; Khobotovs, who are a divorced couple; and Sava, who is Margarita Khobotov's new fiancé. All these people live in one apartment and their lives constantly touch each other's.

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Oleg Menshikov

as Константин Ромин, он же Костик

Leonid Bronevoy

as Аркадий Варламыч Велюров

Inna Ulyanova

as Маргарита Павловна Хоботова

Anatoliy Ravikovich

as Лев Евгеньевич Хоботов

Yelena Koreneva

as Людочка

Viktor Bortsov

as Савва Игнатич

Sofiya Pilyavskaya

as тётя Костика, Алиса Витальевна

Tatyana Dogileva

as Светлана Попова

Igor Dmitriev

as Глеб Николаевич Орлович

Yelizaveta Nikishchikhina

as Нина Андреевна Орлович

Yevgeni Morgunov

as поэт Соев

Natalya Krachkovskaya

as Ольга Яновна — жена Соева

Emmanuil Geller

as дедушка Савельич

Mikhail Kozakov

as Константин Ромин много лет спустя


Leonid Zorin

Leonid Zorin Theatre Play

International Titles

Pokrovskie vorota Trailer

Pokrovskye vorota Trailer

Pokrov Gates Trailer

International Releases Dates

Russia 01 January 1982

United States 11 November 1982

Production Companies

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