Time Masters Trailer

Time Masters Trailer (1982)

24 March 1982 Animated, Drama, Sci-Fi 75 mins

On planet Perdide, an attack of giant hornets leaves Piel – a young boy – alone in a wrecked car with his dying father. A mayday message reaches their friend Jaffar, an adventurer travelling through space. On board Jaffar’s shuttle are the renegade Prince Matton, his fiancée, and Silbad who knows the planet Perdide well. Thus begins an incredible race across space to save Piel… René Laloux, the director of Fantastic Planet [La Planète sauvage], created Les Maîtres du temps, his penultimate animated feature film, in 1982. A huge hit in France at the time of its release, it combines Laloux’s famous imagination with that of animation designer Jean Giraud (aka Moebius). Les Maîtres du temps is a finely animated metaphysical rescue mission, previously seen in English-speaking countries as a dubbed version entitled Time Masters.

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Jean Valmont

as Jaffar (voice)

Michel Elias

as Silbad (voice)

Frédéric Legros

as Piel (voice)

Yves-Marie Maurin

as Matton (voice) (as Yves-Marie)

Monique Thierry

as Belle (voice)

Sady Rebbot

as Claude (voice)

Patrick Baujin

as Jad (voice)

Pierre Tourneur

as Yula (voice)

Alain Cuny

as Xul (voice)

Yves Brainville

as Général (voice)

Michel Barbey

as Igor (voice)

Jim Bauman

as Lowry (voice)

Michel Paulin

as Pixa (voice)

François Chaumette

as Robot (voice)

Henry Djanik

as Un soldat (voice)

Nick Storey

as L'anglais (voice)


Jean Giraud

Jean Giraud Adaptation

Jean-Pierre Bourtayre

Original Music Composer

Pierre Tardy

Original Music Composer

Christian Zanesi

Original Music Composer

Miklós Salusinszky

Miklós Salusinszky Executive Producer

Michel Gillet

Michel Gillet Executive Producer

Michel Gillet

Michel Gillet Executive Producer

Zoltán Bacsó

Zoltán Bacsó Director of Photography

András Klausz

András Klausz Director of Photography

Mihály Kovács

Mihály Kovács Director of Photography

Árpád Lossonczy

Árpád Lossonczy Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

Germany 31 December 1984

France 24 March 1982

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