Kennedy Trailer

Kennedy Trailer (1983)

20 November 1983 282 mins

Biography of the 1961-1963 presidency of John F. Kennedy

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Martin Sheen

as John F. Kennedy

John Shea

as Robert F. Kennedy

E.G. Marshall

as Joseph P. Kennedy

Blair Brown

as Jaqueline Kennedy

Geraldine Fitzgerald

as Rose Kennedy

Vincent Gardenia

as J. Edgar Hoover

Kevin Conroy

as Ted Kennedy

Charles Brown

as Martin Luther King Jr.

Nesbitt Blaisdell

as Lyndon B. Johnson

Peter Boyden

as Pierre Salinger

Kent Broadhurst

as Richard Paul Pavlick

James Burge

as Peter Lawford

William Cain

as Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer

Joanne Camp

as Eunice Shriver

Kelsey Grammer

as Stephen Smith

Veronica Castang

as Evelyn Lincoln


Jim Goddard


Ernest Vincze

Ernest Vincze Director of Photography

Richard Hartley

Original Music Composer

Ben Edwards

Ben Edwards Production Design

Jane Greenwood

Jane Greenwood Costume Design

Gretchen Rau

Gretchen Rau Set Decoration

International Releases Dates

United States 20 November 1983

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