Lucky Luke: Daltons on the Loose Trailer

Lucky Luke: Daltons on the Loose Trailer (1983)

30 September 1983 Animated, Comedy, Western 82 mins

The cowboy Lucky Luke tracks the Dalton brothers who escaped from prison and are seeking refuge in Canada.

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Daniel Ceccaldi

as Lucky Luke

Jacques Balutin

as William Dalton

Roger Carel

as Min Li Foo

Roger Carel

as Mathia Bones

Jacques Deschamps

as Bud Bugman

Michel Elias

as Plume de serpent

Bernard Haller

as Ran Tan Plan

Jacques Fabbri

as Thadeus Collins

Gérard Hernandez

as Jack Dalton

Henri Labussière

as L'imprimeur

Roger Lumont

as Pancho

Jacques Legras

as Augustus Betting

Jacques Morel

as Sam Game

Ada Lonati

as Carmen

Henri Poirier

as Groovy

Pierre Trabaud

as Joe Dalton

International Titles

Lucky Luke: Daltons on the Loose Trailer

Les Dalton en cavale Trailer

Lucky Luke - Das große Abenteuer Trailer

Lucky Luke - Das grosse Abenteuer Trailer

Lucky Luke - Les Dalton En Cavale Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 30 September 1983

Sweden 01 October 2002

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