Trading Places Trailer

Trading Places Trailer (1983)

"Some very funny business." 07 June 1983 Drama, Comedy 116 mins

A snobbish investor and a wily street con-artist find their positions reversed as part of a bet by two callous millionaires.

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Eddie Murphy

as Billy Ray Valentine

Dan Aykroyd

as Louis Winthorpe III

Ralph Bellamy

as Randolph Duke

Don Ameche

as Mortimer Duke

Paul Gleason

as Clarence Beeks

Kristin Holby

as Penelope Witherspoon

Frank Oz

as Corrupt Cop

Robert Earl Jones

as Attendant

Richard Hunt

as Wilson


Elmer Bernstein

Original Music Composer

John Landis


George Folsey Jr.

George Folsey Jr. Executive Producer

Aaron Russo

Aaron Russo Producer

Irwin Russo

Irwin Russo Producer

Gene Rudolf

Gene Rudolf Production Design

International Titles

De Mendigo a Millonario Trailer

De Mendigo a Millonario Trailer

Die Glücksritter Trailer

Bossen og bumsen Trailer

De Mendigo a Millonario Trailer

Entre pillos anda el juego Trailer

Un fauteuil pour deux Trailer

Πολυθρόνα Για Δύο Trailer

Una poltrona per due Trailer

De Mendigo a Millonario Trailer

Rollebyttet Trailer

De Mendigo a Millonario Trailer

Nieoczekiwana zmiana miejsc Trailer

Поменяться местами Trailer

Их поменяли местами Trailer

Ombytta roller Trailer

De Mendigo a Millonario Trailer

International Releases Dates

Australia 26 January 1984

Germany 16 December 1983

Denmark 26 December 1983

France 15 November 1983

United Kingdom 09 December 1983

Netherlands 03 November 1983

United States 07 June 1983

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