Dio: TV Compilation -'84 to '97 Trailer

Dio: TV Compilation -'84 to '97 Trailer (1984)

24 January 1984

Green Pinkpop Fest Holland Gellen 1984-06-11 1. One Night in the City 2. We Rock Rock Palace (Fan Club Gig) Hollywood, CA 01.14 .84 1. Stand Up and Shout 2. Straight Through the Heart 3. Rainbow in the Dark 4. The Man on the Silver Mountain The Tube London, UK 04.04.86 TV broadcast 1. Hungry for Heaven 2. Rock'n Roll Children MTV Headbanger's Ball San Antonio, TX 02.05.88 Interview mixed intro: 1. Stand Up and Shout 2. Dream Evil 3. Naked in the Rain 4. Craig Goldy solo 5. Naked in the Rain SKOL Rock Festival Sao Paulo, Brazil 11.15.97 1. Heaven and Hell 2. Rainbow in the Dark 3. Stand Up and Shout 4. The Last in Line 5. The Man on the Silver Mountain 6. Long Live Rock'n Roll

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United States 24 January 1984

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