Passion Ration Trailer

Passion Ration Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984 7 mins

When I made this video I was working for London Video Arts. It seemed to me that most of the video art being made was based on structuralism and synthesisers. This did not resonate either with my temperament or my creative expression. This encouraged me to produce an autobiographical work; poetic, simple and sentimental. Kate Meynell performed; there was a slide projector for lighting and a bunch of flowers. This was the 1980,s and I lived in Colville Road in Leytonstone, London in short life artists housing awaiting their destruction for the M11. John Smith lived opposite as did Alison Marchant and around the corner lived Cornelia Parker, Jocelyn Pook and Graeme Miller. We grew up, laughed and created together. Passion rations sound track was made in one evening in one take. Jocelyn improvised for the first time on her viola and Graeme Miller played the out of tune piano and I read the text. This was my most successful video piece of the era; it screened at festivals and on Channel 4.

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United Kingdom 01 January 1984

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