Poklad hraběte Chamaré Trailer

Poklad hraběte Chamaré Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984 Drama

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Eduard Cupák

as Jesuit

Petr Svoboda

as Mr. Kamenický

Petr Svoboda

as Mr. Kamenický

Ivan Jiřík

as Tomáš

Zdeněk Martínek

as Mr. Bartodějský

Vladimír Huber

as Kryštof

Erna Červená

as Old countess

Bohuslav Ličman

as Old soldier


Marie Franková

Marie Franková Costume Design

Jaroslav Brabec

Jaroslav Brabec Cinematography

Petr Slabý

Petr Slabý Assistant Director

Alois Jirásek

Alois Jirásek Original Story

Oldřich Bosák

Oldřich Bosák Production Design

Karel Jaroš

Karel Jaroš Sound Director

Zdeněk Troška

Zdeněk Troška Screenstory

Josef Hanzlík

Josef Hanzlík Screenstory

Jaroslav Brabec

Jaroslav Brabec Director of Photography

Blažej Vráb

Blažej Vráb Executive Producer

Jiří Pechar

Jiří Pechar Second Unit Cinematographer

František Čížek

František Čížek Makeup Department Head

Vladimír Tišer

Vladimír Tišer Production Office Assistant

International Releases Dates

Czech Republic 01 January 1984

Production Companies

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