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Saaransh Trailer (1984)

25 May 1984 Drama, Foreign 137 mins

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Rohini Hattangadi

as Parvati Pradhan

Anupam Kher

as B.V. Pradhan

Soni Razdan

as Sujata Suman

Madan Jain

as Vilas Chitre

Suhas Bhalekar

as Vishwanath

Alok Nath

as Pandit / Astrologer

Akash Khurana

as Chief Minister Shashikant

Vijay Kashyap

as Dr. Bhatt

Suresh Chatwal

as Police Inspector

Salim Ghouse

as Gajanan Chitre's Goon

Arun Bakshi

as Gajanan Chitre's Goon

Alok Nath

as Pandit / Astrologer


Ajit Verman

Original Music Composer

Adeep Tandon

Adeep Tandon Cinematography

Madhukar S. Shinde

Madhukar S. Shinde Art Direction

Amal Allana

Amal Allana Costume Design


Jayant Makeup Artist

International Releases Dates

India 25 May 1984

Production Companies

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