The Elusive Summer of '68 Trailer

The Elusive Summer of '68 Trailer (1984)

30 January 1984 Comedy 91 mins

For the young man who lives in Serbian province town, the maturing coincides with the turbulent political events of the year 1968.

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Slavko Štimac

as Petar Cvetkovic

Danilo 'Bata' Stojković

as Petrov otac Veselin

Mira Banjac

as Petrova majka

Mija Aleksić

as Petrov deda

Neda Arnerić

as Olja Miranovski

Dragana Varagić

as Jagodinka Simonović

Sanja Vejnović

as Ruženjka Hrabalova

Ivana Mihić

as Vladica

Miodrag Radovanović

as Predsednik suda Micić

Branka Petrić

as Leposava

Dragan Zarić

as Direktor gimnazije

Predrag Tasovac

as Gospodin na plaži

Lidija Pletl

as Supruga gospodina na plaži

Andrijana Videnovic

as Nevena Moreno

Branko Cvejić

as kum Spasoje

International Titles

Varljivo leto ’68 Trailer

International Releases Dates

Serbia 30 January 1984

United States 02 February 1984

Production Companies

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