Billy Connolly - (Not So Much A Comedian, More A) Wreck On Tour Trailer

Billy Connolly - (Not So Much A Comedian, More A) Wreck On Tour Trailer (1985)

"Not So Much A Comedian, More A Wreck On Tour" 01 January 1985 60 mins

Tracklist Swearing & The Use Of Bad Language Weather Persons Holidays In Aberdeen Scuba Diving In The Carribean Policemen & Soldiers Attending The Birth Washing Hair Buying Shampoo Pubic Hair Vegetarian Dinner Party Unfinished Blues Songwriting (Pre Rock 'N' Roll) Roy Castle & His Trumpet Chick Murray's Wife In Blackpool Noises In Taxis In & Places Men In Public Toilets Train Journeys With Stink Bombs Clingfilm Over The Porcelain Mario Lanza Not Singing Softly, Softly Cycling Equipment Shop Assistants The Rowan Tree Barwick Green

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United Kingdom 01 January 1985

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