Capone Cries a Lot Trailer

Capone Cries a Lot Trailer (1985)

16 February 1985 Drama, Action, Comedy 130 mins

Umiemon (Kenichi Hagiwara) is a naniwa-bushi singer who travels with his wife to the United States in hopes of achieving fame and fortune.

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Yûko Tanaka

as Kozome Takonoya

Kenji Sawada

as Tetsugoro Osawa

Akira Emoto

as Ushiemon

Kai Atô

as Bank Manager


as Chinese man

Tako Hachirô

as Boss of beggars

Mitsuru Hirata

as Torakichi

Kirin Kiki

as Sene Tachikawa

Shinji Maki

as Danjuro Tachikawa

Tôru Minegishi

as Boss Yoshida

Miki Takakura

as Wife of an entertainer

Fujio Tokita

as Bank Owner


Jun'ichi Fujisawa

Jun'ichi Fujisawa Cinematography

Jun'ichi Fujisawa

Jun'ichi Fujisawa Director of Photography

Akira Takada

Akira Takada Director of Photography

Akira Takada

Akira Takada Cinematography

Takayuki Inoue

Original Music Composer

International Titles

Capone's Flood of Tears Trailer

Kapone oi ni naku Trailer

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