Prime Risk Trailer

Prime Risk Trailer (1985)

31 March 1985 Drama 99 mins

While siphoning bank funds, computer-wise lovers spot a plot to sink the Federal Reserve.

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Lee Montgomery

as Michael Fox

Toni Hudson

as Julie Collins

Sam Bottoms

as Bill Yeoman

Clu Gulager

as Paul Minsky

Keenan Wynn

as Dr. Lasser

Lois Hall

as Dr. Hall

John Lykes

as Vance

James O'Connell

as Terry Franklin

Randy Pearlman

as Ed Harrington

Timothy Rice

as Albert Fishburn

Roy Stuart

as Mr. Fox

Helen Duffy

as Mrs. Fox

Christopher Murphy

as Tony Nelson

Caron Tate

as Bank Teller


Bernard Farkas

Bernard Farkas Executive Producer

James Reed

James Reed Associate Producer

Phil Marshall

Original Music Composer

Mac Ahlberg

Mac Ahlberg Director of Photography

Chris Henry

Chris Henry Art Direction

Bernadette O'Brien

Bernadette O'Brien Costume Design

Donn Markel

Donn Markel Makeup Artist

International Releases Dates

United States 31 March 1985

Production Companies

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