Dynamic WingTsun Kung Fu Trailer

Dynamic WingTsun Kung Fu Trailer (1986)

03 March 1986

1. The first video teaches you to become an aggressive fighter within 6 months. 2. The first video teaches you how to apply the Wing Tsun techniques and deal with attacking movements of various fighting styles— kungfu, boxing, karate, Thai-boxing, judo.etc. 3. The first video teaches you the Wing Tsun techniciques—hooking punch, lifting punch, various steps and kicks, knee strikes, elbow strikes, throwing, etc. which you have Never seen from other Wing Chun videos. 4. The first video teaches you the fundamental, intermediate and advanced programs of Wing Tsun kungfu, which you cannot find in other Wing Chun videos. 5. The first video teaches you the Authentic Wing Tsun techniques with SCIENTIFIC explanations and demonstrations. 6. The first video teaches you the effective methods of special strength training, i.e., Inch-punch power, kicking power, long-bridge power, elastic force, strong stance, strong-arms, elbow and knee striking power, etc

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China 03 March 1986

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