Geld oder Leber! Trailer

Geld oder Leber! Trailer (1986)

14 August 1986 Comedy

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Mike Krüger

as Mike Juing und Mikes Erbtante

Ursela Monn

as Susanne Juing


as himself

Simone Brahmann

as Rotkäppchen

Corinna Genest

as Gefängnisdirektorin

Lotti Krekel

as Frau Müller

Renate Muhri

as Verkäuferin

Christine Schuberth

as Krankenschwester

Barbara Valentin

as Gräfin Barbara von Schlemmer

Klaus Büchner

as Steward

Jochen Busse

as Mann mit Hund

Hans Clarin

as Professor Flinkmann

Alexander Grill

as Chirurg #2

Raimund Harmstorf

as Kapitän der 'Klagenfurt'

Ernst H. Hilbich

as Herr Müller


International Releases Dates

Germany 14 August 1986

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