A Taxing Woman Trailer

A Taxing Woman Trailer (1987)

"He has a Yen for her, but he won't tell her where it's hidden..." 07 February 1987 Comedy, Crime 127 mins

Ryoko Itakura is a government tax agent who has just landed a big promotion. Her first assignment is to catch wheeler-dealer Hideki Gondo. She has a tough job, since in Japan tax evasion is an art and Gondo is, in effect, Rembrandt. Her job is complicated by a growing sympathy for the rogue and by political pressure to lay off.

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Nobuko Miyamoto

as Ryôko Itakura

Tsutomu Yamazaki

as Hideki Gondô

Masahiko Tsugawa

as Hanamura

Yasuo Daichi

as Ijûin

Kinzoh Sakura

as Kaneko

Hajime Asô

as Himeda

Kiriko Shimizu

as Kazue Kenmochi

Kazuyo Matsui

as Kumi Torikai

Hideo Murota

as Jûkichi Ishii

Shôtarô Takeuchi

as Rihei Hakamada

Mitsuhiko Kiyohisa

as Gondô no Untenshu

Akira Shioji

as Fudôsan'ya

Kôichi Ueda

as Ninagawa no Fukushin

Yûsuke Nagumo

as Ninagawa no Kobun


Toshiyuki Honda

Original Music Composer

Yonezô Maeda

Yonezô Maeda Cinematography

Shuji Nakamura

Shuji Nakamura Art Direction

Juzo Itami


International Releases Dates

United States 26 September 1987

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