Blondie and Dagwood Trailer

Blondie and Dagwood Trailer (1987)

15 May 1987 Animated 24 mins

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Loni Anderson

as Blondie Bumstead ( Voice )

Frank Welker

as Dagwood Bumstead ( Voice )

Jack Angel

as Mr. Beasley ( Voice )

Jack Angel

as Herb Woodley ( Voice )

Pat Fraley

as Daisy the Dog ( Voice )

Ellen Gerstell

as Cookie Bumstead ( Voice )

Alan Oppenheimer

as Julius C. Dithers

Laurel Page

as Tootsie Woodley

Russi Taylor

as Cora Dithers

Russi Taylor

as Hannon

Ike Eisenmann

as Alexander Bumstead ( Voice )


Chic Young

Chic Young Characters

Mike Joens


Mike Joens

Mike Joens Producer

David J. Corbett

David J. Corbett Production Supervisor

David H. DePatie

David H. DePatie Executive Producer

Robert J. Walsh

Original Music Composer

Dennis Venizelos

Dennis Venizelos Background Designer

International Releases Dates

United States 15 May 1987

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