The Adventure of the Action Hunters Trailer

The Adventure of the Action Hunters Trailer (1987)

01 May 1987 Action 90 mins

An innocent couple suddenly finds themselves thrust into an unbelievable adventure involving underwater treasures, maniacal gangsters, violent gunplay and non-stop chances in trains cars and boats, when they witness a luxury boat explosion in the small town of Oyster Creek and receive a cryptic message from a dying victim they attempt to rescue.

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Joseph Cimino

as 1st Gangster

Art Donovan

as 2nd Gangster

Peter Walker

as Oliver

Stu Kerr

as Mr. Bottenfeld

Leif Elsmo

as Drunk at bar

David DeBoy

as Drunk's friend

Hans Kram

as Bartender

Morris Engle

as Guy expecting sol

Tilda Wolpert

as Gal expecting Sol

Ed Webber

as 2nd guy at gas pump

Gorham Scott

as Porter

Tom Small

as Trainman

Prentiss Rowe

as Police Chief

Scott Elliott

as Policeman


Lee Bonner


David Insley

David Insley Cinematography

Vincent Peranio

Vincent Peranio Art Direction

Robert W. Dorsey

Robert W. Dorsey Manager of Operations

Peter Mullett

Peter Mullett Production Manager

Terri Trupp

Terri Trupp Production Manager

Rick Angelella

Rick Angelella Sound mixer

Bill Brueckner

Bill Brueckner Sound Designer

Bill Brueckner

Bill Brueckner Boom Operator

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International Releases Dates

United States 01 May 1987

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