Alone in the Neon Jungle Trailer

Alone in the Neon Jungle Trailer (1988)

"Where the dirtiest crimes are committed by cops" 17 January 1988 Drama, Crime 90 mins

A by the book female police officer is assigned to the most corrupt precinct in Pittsburgh and told to get it cleaned up.

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Suzanne Pleshette

as Captain Janet Hamilton

Jon Tenney

as Hansen

Joe Morton

as Ken Fraker

Raymond Serra

as Sgt. Sal Ruby

Jon Polito

as Brad Stakowski

Priscilla Lopez

as Anita Desimone

Charlotte d'Amboise

as Paige O'Brien

Georg Stanford Brown

as Sgt. Clevon Jackson

Frank Converse

as John Hamilton

Patty Owen

as Wendy Prentiss

Jude Ciccolella

as Pete Coombs

Brad Greenquist

as Vince Genilli

John Finn

as Benson

Bill Dalzell

as Ernie Holland


William Cronjager

William Cronjager Director of Photography

Mark Snow

Original Music Composer

Gary Weist

Gary Weist Production Design

Simon Tuke

Simon Tuke Costume Design

Selma Weitz

Selma Weitz Executive In Charge Of Production

Gillian Murphy

Gillian Murphy Script Supervisor

International Releases Dates

United States 17 January 1988

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