Jane B. for Agnes V. Trailer

Jane B. for Agnes V. Trailer (1988)

02 March 1988 Fantasy 97 mins

A portrait of actress Jane Birkin.

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Jane Birkin

as Calamity Jane / Claude Jade / Joan Arc

Jean-Pierre Léaud

as L'amoureux colérique

Philippe Léotard

as Le peintre / Murderer

Farid Chopel

as Le colonial

Alain Souchon

as Le lecteur de Verlaine

Laura Betti

as Lardy

Monique Godard

as La sous-maîtresse

Ian Marshall

as L'huissier

Charlotte Gainsbourg

as La fille de J.

Mathieu Demy

as Le fils de A.

James Millard

as Tarzan

Pascale Torsat

as Le modèle du Titien

Henri Piednoir

as Le boulanger


Nurith Aviv

Nurith Aviv Director of Photography

Pierre-Laurent Chénieux

Pierre-Laurent Chénieux Director of Photography

Olivier Radot

Olivier Radot Production Design

Ronaldo Abreu

Ronaldo Abreu Makeup Artist

Edith Remy

Edith Remy Makeup Artist

Oury Milshtein

Oury Milshtein Production Manager

International Releases Dates

France 02 March 1988

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