Seven Days' War Trailer

Seven Days' War Trailer (1988)

13 August 1988 Drama, Action, Comedy 94 mins

Junior-high students are restrained by their teachers and parents... One day, they plan a rebellion....

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Rie Miyazawa

as Hitomi Nakayama

Kenichiro Kikuchi

as Eiji Kikuchi

Miho Igarashi

as Junko Hashiguchi

Rika Abiko

as Kumiko Horiba

Masaki Kudou

as Toru Aihara

Ken Osawa

as Kazuto Nakao

Hideaki Ishikawa

as Kenji Amano

Masatake Kanehama

as Akira Hibino

Toshitada Nabeshima

as Hiroshi Yasunaga

Shin Nakano

as Hideaki Uno

Motoi Tanaka

as Naoto Kakinuma

Yôko Asaji

as Shino Kikuchi

Yasuo Daichi

as Nozawa

Hide Demon

as Eisuke Kikuchi

Chikako Kaku

as English teacher Nishiwaki

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