Starke Zeiten Trailer

Starke Zeiten Trailer (1988)

12 May 1988 Comedy 92 mins

The film consists of several small episodes that take place in and around Munich.

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Karl Dall

as Scheich Abdallha

Helmut Fischer

as Monaco Franze

Hans-Joachim Kulenkampff

as Hans-Joachim Jennings

Zachi Noy

as Frank

Otto Schenk

as Eugen Doleschal

Rudi Carrell

as himself

Monika Baumgartner

as Frau auf der Straße

Gisela Schneeberger

as Verkäuferin

Hans Brenner

as Bauarbeiter

Bettina Redlich

as Frau auf der Straße

Ilse Neubauer

as Frau in Telefonzelle

Gerd Dudenhöffer

as Hannes Blech


Karl Spiehs

Karl Spiehs Producer

Heinz Hölscher

Heinz Hölscher Director of Photography

Franz Xaver Lederle

Franz Xaver Lederle Director of Photography

Rolf Olsen


Otto Retzer


International Releases Dates

Germany 12 May 1988

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