The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! Trailer

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! Trailer (1988)

"The Villain. Even Mother Teresa wanted him dead." 02 December 1988 Action, Comedy, Crime 85 mins

When the incompetent Officer Frank Drebin seeks the ruthless killer of his partner, he stumbles upon an attempt to assassinate Queen Elizabeth.

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Leslie Nielsen

as Lt. Frank Drebin

Priscilla Presley

as Jane Spencer

Ricardo Montalban

as Vincent Ludwig

George Kennedy

as Capt. Ed Hocken

O.J. Simpson

as Det. Nordberg

Susan Beaubian

as Mrs. Wilma Nordberg

Susan Beaubian

as Mrs. Nordberg

Raye Birk

as Pahpshmir

Jeannette Charles

as Queen Elizabeth II

Ed Williams

as Ted Olsen

Tom Dugan

as Drug Dealer #2

Joyce Brothers

as Herself


Jim Abrahams

Jim Abrahams Executive Producer

Kevin Marcy

Kevin Marcy Producer

David Zucker

David Zucker Executive Producer

Jerry Zucker

Jerry Zucker Executive Producer

International Titles

Corra Que a Polícia Vem Aí Trailer

L'Agent fait la farce Trailer

Die Nackte Kanone Trailer

Agárralo como puedas 1 Trailer

Y a-t-il un flic pour sauver la reine Trailer

Y a-t-il un flic pour sauver la reine ? Trailer

The Naked Gun Trailer

Una pallottola spuntata Trailer

Una pallottola spuntata (1988) Trailer

裸の銃を持つ男 Trailer

Corra Que a Polícia Vem Aí Trailer

Голый пистолет Trailer

Голый пистолет - Из полицейских архивов Trailer

Голый пистолет - Из полицейских архивов! Trailer

Den nakna pistolen Trailer

Y Dónde Está el Policía Trailer

Çıplak Silah Trailer

The Naked Gun Trailer

The Naked Gun I Trailer

International Releases Dates

Australia 09 March 1989

Germany 27 April 1989

United Kingdom 10 February 1989

United States 02 December 1988

Production Companies

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