Get Smart, Again! Trailer

Get Smart, Again! Trailer (1989)

26 February 1989 Action, Comedy, Family 96 mins

KAOS has invented a weather machine so Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 are called back into action to foil this evil plan.

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Don Adams

as Maxwell Smart

Barbara Feldon

as Agent 99

Bernie Kopell

as Conrad Siegfried / Prof. Helmut Schmelding

Robert Karvelas

as Larrabee

King Moody

as Shtarker

Harold Gould

as Nicholas Dimente

John de Lancie

as Maj. Waterhouse

Kenneth Mars

as Cmdr. Drury

Steve Levitt

as Beamish

David Ketchum

as Agent 13

Danny Goldman

as Dr. Denton

Roger Price

as Hottentot

Lou Felder

as President

Kate Stern

as Dr. Godivar


Gary Nelson


International Titles

Die nackte Bombe II Trailer

Superagente 86 ataca de nuevo Trailer

Superagente 86: La película Trailer

Salainen agentti palaa kehään Trailer

O Regresso do Olho Vivo Trailer

Agent 86 Smart Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 26 February 1989

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