Pekin no suika Trailer

Pekin no suika Trailer (1989)

18 November 1989

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as Haruzo Horikoshi, the Greengrocer

Masako Motai

as Michi Horikoshi

Yasufumi Hayashi

as Toru Horikoshi

Haruhiko Saitô

as Mr. Ioka, the Pharmacist (as Haruhiko Saitoh)

Takashi Sasano

as Mr. Yamada, the Real Estate Agent

Hana Kino

as Matsue Otobuji

Akira Emoto

as Mr. Teramoto, the Shopkeeper

Yugi Ogata

as Bank Clerk

Ryo Okubo

as Mr. Aotani

Ryô Iwamatsu

as Policeman

Kazunori Hagiwara

as Yasuo Hirai

Hiromi Oshima

as Yumi Horikoshi

Hiromi Oda

as Midori

Shinbo Minami

as Foppish Man

International Titles

Beijing Watermelon Trailer

ぺきんのすいか Trailer

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