The Battle of Kosovo Trailer

The Battle of Kosovo Trailer (1989)

12 June 1989 Drama, History, War 117 mins

Battle of Kosovo (Serbian: Boj na Kosovu) is a 1989 Yugoslav historical drama/war film filmed in Serbia. The film was based on the drama written by poet Ljubomir Simovic. It depicts the historical Battle of Kosovo between Medieval Serbia and the Ottoman Empire which took place on June 15 (according to the Julian calendar, June 28 by the Gregorian calendar) in a field about 5 kilometers northwest of Pristina.

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Gorica Popović

as Princess Milica

Vojislav Brajović

as Vuk Branković

Žarko Laušević

as Miloš Obilić

Ljuba Tadić

as Sultan Murat

Katarina Gojković

as Kosovo Maiden

Neda Arnerić

as the Fishwife

Ivan Bekjarev

as Paramunian

Branko Cvejić

as Levčanian

Svetozar Cvetković

as Milan Toplica

Milena Dravić

as Velisava

Milan 'Lane' Gutović

as Ivan Kosančić

Petar Kralj

as Vojiša


Slobodan Jocic

Slobodan Jocic Line Producer

Radoslav Vladić

Radoslav Vladić Director of Photography

Milenko Jeremic

Milenko Jeremic Production Design

Aleksandar Milovic

Aleksandar Milovic Production Design

Biljana Dragovic

Biljana Dragovic Costume Design

Ljiljana Dragovic

Ljiljana Dragovic Costume Design

Aida Rodic

Aida Rodic Script Supervisor

Aleksandar Ivancevic

Aleksandar Ivancevic First Assistant Camera

Branislav Jovancic

Branislav Jovancic First Assistant Camera

Milos Vukovic

Milos Vukovic Special Effects

Svetolik Zajc

Svetolik Zajc Sound Editor

Anita Roganovic

Anita Roganovic Makeup Artist

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