Tutur Tinular (Pedang Naga Puspa) Trailer

Tutur Tinular (Pedang Naga Puspa) Trailer (1989)

09 October 1989 Action 83 mins

Set at the end of the Singasari Kingdom and the rise of Kediri Kingdom; there are two siblings, Arya Dwipangga, who loves literature, and Arya Kamandanu, who loves martial arts. Dwipangga steals Kamandanu’s girlfriend and runs away but gets trapped in the cave of weapon master, Empu Ranubaya, who makes him a student. Ranubaya and Empu Hanggareksa, Kamandanu’s father, are fellow students from the same school. But while Hanggareksa serves Kartanegara, the king of Singasari; Ranubaya refuses to. A messenger of Kublai Khan from Mongolia offers Kertanegara a peaceful relationship. When Kertanegara refuses the offer, the Mongolian messenger kidnaps Ranubaya.

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Benny G Rahardja

as Arya Kamandanu

Baron Hermanto

as Arya Dwipangga


as Lou

Elly Ermawati

as Mei Shin

Yoseph Hungan

as Empu Ranubaya

Diah Permatasari

as Sakawuni


International Releases Dates

Indonesia 09 October 1989

Production Companies

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