Uncle Buck Trailer

Uncle Buck Trailer (1989)

"He's crude. He's crass. He's family." 16 August 1989 Drama, Comedy, Family 100 mins

As an idle, good-natured bachelor, Uncle Buck is the last person you would think of to watch the kids. However, during a family crisis, he is suddenly left in charge of his nephew and nieces. Unaccustomed to suburban life, fun-loving Uncle Buck soon charms his younger relatives Miles and Maizy with his hefty cooking and his new way of doing the laundry. His carefree style does not impress everyone though - especially his rebellious teenage niece, Tia, and his impatient girlfriend, Chanice. With a little bit of luck and a lot of love, Uncle Buck manages to surprise everyone in this heartwarming family comedy.

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John Candy

as Buck Russell

Jean Louisa Kelly

as Tia Russell

Macaulay Culkin

as Miles Russell

Gaby Hoffmann

as Mazy Russell

Amy Madigan

as Chanice Kobolowski

Elaine Bromka

as Cindy Russell

Garrett M. Brown

as Bob Russell

Laurie Metcalf

as Marcie Dahlgren-Frost

Brian Tarantina

as E. Roger Coswell

Mike Starr

as Pooter-the-Clown

Suzanne Shepherd

as Mrs. Hogarth

William Windom

as Mr. Hatfield (voice)

Ryan Goldstein

as School Child (uncredited)

Anna Chlumsky

as School Child


John Hughes


John Hughes

John Hughes Producer

Ira Newborn

Original Music Composer

Ralf D. Bode

Ralf D. Bode Director of Photography

International Titles

Quem Vê Cara Não Vê Coração Trailer

L'Oncle Buck Trailer

Allein mit Unkel Buck Trailer

Onkel Buck Trailer

Μόνος Με Τον Θείο Trailer

Belevaló papapótló Trailer

Solos con Nuestro Tío Trailer

International Releases Dates

Australia 21 December 1989

Germany 18 April 1991

United Kingdom 03 October 1989

United States 16 August 1989

Production Companies

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