Mike Trailer

Mike Trailer (1990)

01 January 1990 26 mins

Mike is released from a mental institution and finds himself in a filthy room and board where dreams and reality are one. A moving depiction of mental illness and a scathing indictment of the impersonal health care system.

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Sharon Honet

as Clio the nurse/Jean the waitress

Sharon Honet

as Clio the nurse/Jean the waitress

Dorothy Bolton

as Mrs. Alyana, the landlady

David Joycky

as Dr. C. Garrie, the psychiatrist

John Buhr

as John, Mike's friend

Vic Bargen

as Vic, the arcade manager

Isabell Hall

as Mrs. Lewis, Mike's mother

Rory Runnels

as Pestilence

Ralph Friesen

as Newscaster/Minister in suit

Holly Gregory

as singer

Greg Klymkiw

as Minister in cossack

Zack Donen

as man touching plant


M.B, Duggan


Lorne Bailey

Lorne Bailey Camera Operator

Holly Gregory

Holly Gregory Camera Intern

Bryan Sanders

Bryan Sanders Lighting Manager

Maureen Smith

Maureen Smith Lighting Production Assistant

Andrew Koster

Andrew Koster Sound Recordist

Susan Peterson

Susan Peterson Boom Operator

Liz Jarvis

Liz Jarvis Assistant Director

Liz Jarvis

Liz Jarvis Casting

Carmen Katz

Carmen Katz Assistant Director

Carmen Katz

Carmen Katz Location Manager

Eden Katz

Eden Katz Craft Service

Tracy Traeger

Tracy Traeger Art Direction

Pam Athayde

Pam Athayde Makeup Artist

John Kozak

John Kozak Sound Editor

International Releases Dates

Canada 01 January 1990

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