Das größte Fest des Jahres Trailer

Das größte Fest des Jahres Trailer (1991)

26 December 1991 Comedy, Romance, Family 89 mins

A TV special about the christmas celebrations of the most popular TV characters in the ZDF at that time.

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Uschi Glas

as Julia Sagerer

Elmar Wepper

as Dr. Ralf Maria Sagerer

Winnie Markus

as Hermine Schwaiger

Enzi Fuchs

as Franziska 'Fanny' Siebzehnrübel

Hans Reiser

as Bernhard Schwaiger

Günter Strack

as Dr. Adam Kempfert

Liesel Christ

as Agnes Bebel

Christian Wolff

as Martin Rombach

Anja Kruse

as Dr. Angelika Rombach

Bruni Löbel

as Herta Stolze

Walter Buschhoff

as Vinzenz Bieler

Katharina Köhntopp

as Andrea Rombach

Michael Wolf

as Markus Rombach

Nicole Schmid

as Ricarda 'Rica' Rombach

Nikolai Bury

as Peter Rombach

International Titles

Das größte Fest des Jahres - Weihnachten bei unseren Fernsehfamilien Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 26 December 1991

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