The Seventh Brother Trailer

The Seventh Brother Trailer (1991)

25 January 1991 Animated, Family 76 mins

A lost puppy learns a lesson about the importance of family in this charming Hungarian animated feature.

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International Titles

Malí hrdinové Trailer

Sedm malých bratříčků Trailer

Bobo und die Hasenbande Trailer

Seitsmes väike vennake Trailer

Boby y sus amigos Trailer

Tini ja pupujussit 1 Trailer

Le 7 éme petit frère Trailer

Le septième petit frère Trailer

A hetedik testvér Trailer

Vacak Trailer

Vacak - a hetedik testvér Trailer

Il settimo fratellino Trailer

Naujasis broliukas Trailer

Septyni broliai Trailer

Septini bralisi Trailer

Septitais bralitis Trailer

Bobo y su Banda de los Conejos Trailer

De vrolijke avonturen van Bobo, het konijnen vriendje Trailer

Konijnenvriendje Trailer

Siódmy braciszek Trailer

Bobi e Seus Amigos Trailer

Новый братишка Trailer

Bobo och kaninerna Trailer

Sedmi mali bratec Trailer

Siedmy bracek Trailer

Yedinci Kücük Kardes Trailer

The Seventh Brother Trailer

The Seventh Little Brother Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 07 September 1995

France 06 February 2003

Hungary 04 April 1996

United States 25 January 1991

Production Companies

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