1492: Conquest of Paradise Trailer

1492: Conquest of Paradise Trailer (1992)

"Centuries before the exploration of space, there was another voyage into the unknown." 09 October 1992 Adventure, Drama, Action 154 mins

1492: Conquest of Paradise depicts Christopher Columbus’ discovery of The New World and his effect on the indigenous people.

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Gérard Depardieu

as Christopher Columbus

Armand Assante

as Sanchez

Sigourney Weaver

as Queen Isabella

Loren Dean

as Older Fernando

Ángela Molina

as Beatrix

Fernando Rey

as Marchena

Michael Wincott

as Adrian de Moxica

Kevin Dunn

as Cap. Mendez

Tchéky Karyo

as Prinzo

Frank Langella

as Santangel

Mark Margolis

as Bobadilla

Arnold Vosloo

as Guevara

Steven Waddington

as Bartolome

Fernando García Rimada

as King Ferdinand


Dan Parada

Dan Parada Casting

Norris Spencer

Norris Spencer Production Design

Benjamín Fernández

Benjamín Fernández Supervising Art Director

Leslie Tomkins

Leslie Tomkins Supervising Art Director

Martin Hitchcock

Martin Hitchcock Art Direction

Antonio Patón

Antonio Patón Art Direction

Kevin Phipps

Kevin Phipps Art Direction

Luke Scott

Luke Scott Art Direction

Ann Mollo

Ann Mollo Set Decoration

Charles Knode

Charles Knode Costume Design

Barbara Rutter

Barbara Rutter Costume Design

International Titles

1492 - A Conquista do Paraíso Trailer

哥伦布传 Trailer

La Conquista del Paraiso Trailer

1492 - Christophe Colomb Trailer

International Releases Dates

Czech Republic 19 February 1993

Germany 15 October 1992

Denmark 27 November 1992

Spain 09 October 1992

France 12 October 1992

Italy 15 October 1992

Netherlands 15 October 1992

Sweden 18 December 1992

United States 09 October 1992

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