Bob Roberts Trailer

Bob Roberts Trailer (1992)

"Vote first. Ask questions later." 04 September 1992 Drama, Comedy 102 mins

Mock documentary about an upstart candidate for the U.S. Senate written and directed by actor Tim Robbins. Bob Roberts is a folksinger with a difference: He offers tunes that protest welfare chiselers, liberal whining, and the like. As the filmmakers follow his campaign, Robbins gives needle-sharp insight into the way candidates manipulate the media.

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Tim Robbins

as Bob Roberts

Giancarlo Esposito

as Bugs Raplin

Alan Rickman

as Lukas Hart III

David Strathairn

as Mack Laflin

James Spader

as Chuck Marlin

Helen Hunt

as Rose Pondell

Jack Black

as Roger Davis

Susan Sarandon

as Tawna Titan

Ray Wise

as Chet MacGregor

Gore Vidal

as Senator Brickley Paiste

Rebecca Jenkins

as Delores Perrigrew

Harry Lennix

as Franklin Dockett

John Ottavino

as Clark Anderson

Robert Stanton

as Bart Macklerooney

Kelly Willis

as Clarissa Flan


Richard Hoover

Richard Hoover Production Design

Tim Robbins


Tim Bevan

Tim Bevan Executive Producer

Ronna B. Wallace

Ronna B. Wallace Executive Producer

Paul Webster

Paul Webster Executive Producer

David Robbins

Original Music Composer

Jean Lépine

Jean Lépine Director of Photography

Brian Kasch

Brian Kasch Set Decoration

Gary Kosko

Gary Kosko Art Direction

Patrick Mullins

Patrick Mullins Music Editor

Bridget Kelly

Bridget Kelly Costume Design

John Lindsey McCormick

John Lindsey McCormick Art Department Coordinator

International Releases Dates

Greece 15 December 1992

United States 04 September 1992

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