Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor Trailer

Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor Trailer (1992)

"Don't fall asleep...You may never wake up!" 22 March 1992 Horror 70 mins

In the forest, she is grabbed by two large hands. Expecting the hands to be Jack's, she is surprised to meet Eugene (John Gallhager), a large, oafish hunter. After the enraged Alison explains her situation with Jack to him, Eugene vows to help her "take care" of him. Eugene has reasons of his own for disliking Jack - being a hunter. Jack has always tried to keep him off the property which Eugene's family has hunted on for generations.

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Carrie Chambers

as Allison Kramer

Victor Campos

as Eugene The Hunter

John Lodico

as Jack The Ranger

Felissa Rose

as Angela Baker (archive footage)

Jonathan Tiersten

as Ricky Thomas (archive footage)

Karen Fields

as Judy (archive footage)

Christopher Collet

as Paul (archive footage)

Mike Kellin

as Mel Costic (archive footage)

Katherine Kamhi

as Meg (archive footage)

Loris Sallahian

as Billy (archive footage)

John E. Dunn

as Kenny (archive footage)

Desiree Gould

as Aunt Martha (archive footage)

Owen Hughes

as Artie (archive footage)

Robert Earl Jones

as Ben (archive footage)

Susan Glaze

as Susie (archive footage)

Fred Greene

as Eddie (archive footage)


International Releases Dates

United States 22 March 1992

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