Crime Story Trailer

Crime Story Trailer (1993)

"The world's toughest city needs more than an army to stop the mob… They need one man!" 24 June 1993 Drama, Action, Thriller 103 mins

A special agent assigned to protect a wealthy business magnate. However, when the businessman is kidnapped in a daring ambush, he teams up with a seasoned detective to crack the case. But soon he discovers the case isn't that simple.

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Jackie Chan

as Inspector Chan

Jackie Chan

as Inspector Eddie Chan

Kent Cheng

as Detective Hung

Kent Cheng

as Hung Ting-Bong

Law Kar-Ying

as Wong Yat-Fei

Au-Yeung Pui-San

as Sum Yue, Fei's wife

Puishan Auyeung

as Wong's wife (as Au-Yeung Pui Shan)

Leng-Leng Phua

as Psychologist (as Phua Leng Leng)

Blacky Ko Sau-Leung

as Captain Ko (as Blackie Ko)

Blacky Ko Sau-Leung

as Captain Ko

William Duen Wai-Lun

as Superintendent Cheung

Wan Fat

as Simon Ting (as Wan Fat)

International Titles

重案组 Trailer

新ポリス・ストーリー Trailer

Crime Story Trailer

Hard to Die Trailer

Police Dragon Trailer

Serious Crimes Squad Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 24 June 1993

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