Freaked Trailer

Freaked Trailer (1993)

"A thinking man's stupid comedy." 11 September 1993 Comedy 86 mins

A vain actor, his best friend, and an activist end up at a mutant freak farm run by a weirdo scientist.

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Brooke Shields

as Skye Daley

William Sadler

as Dick Brian

Alex Winter

as Ricky Coogan

Randy Quaid

as Elijah C. Skuggs

Megan Ward

as Julie

Mr. T

as The Bearded Lady

Alex Zuckerman

as Stuey Gluck

Ray Baker

as Bill Blazer

Morgan Fairchild

as Stewardess

Patti Tippo

as Rosie the Pinhead

Lee Arenberg

as The Eternal Flame

John Hawkes

as Cowboy

Jeff Kahn

as Nosey


Alex Winter


Tom Stern


Kevin Kiner

Original Music Composer

Jamie Thompson

Jamie Thompson Director of Photography

Jene Omens

Jene Omens Director of Photography

Catherine Hardwicke

Catherine Hardwicke Production Design

Screaming Mad George

Screaming Mad George Makeup Effects

Vance Hartwell

Vance Hartwell Makeup Effects

International Titles

La disparatada parada de los monstruos Trailer

Freak Show Trailer

Hideous Mutant Freekz Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 11 September 1993

Production Companies

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