Soft Gray Trailer

Soft Gray Trailer (1993)

01 January 1993 Drama 117 mins

Movie with 3 segments: The Bird Urubu and Virgin, Wonderful World and Devil in the Heart, sometimes referred to as separate movies.

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John I. Apelgren

as The Singer (segment "Pticata Urubu i Devica")

Rusomir Bogdanovski

as Pospaniot (segment "Wonderful World")

Zivojin Boskovic

as Policaec #2 (segment "Djavol vo srceto")

Aleksandar Čaminski

as Covek na masata & Doste (segment "Pticata Urubu i Devica" & segment "Wonderful World")

Aleksandar Čaminski

as Tipot (segment "Djavol vo srceto")

Katina Ivanova

as Slava (segment "Wonderful World")

Vlado Jovanovski

as Fidan (segment "Djavol vo srceto")

Vlado Jovanovski

as Kradacka na krstozbori (segment "Pticata Urubu i Devica")

Vlado Jovanovski

as Krstozbordzijata (segment "Pticata Urubu i Devica")

Vlado Jovanovski

as Trendafil (segment "Wonderful World")

Jovica Mihajlovski

as Cvetko (segment "Wonderful World")

Jovica Mihajlovski

as Policaec #1 (segment "Djavol vo srceto")

Jovica Mihajlovski

as Bozidar (segment "Wonderful World")

Jovica Mihajlovski

as (segment "Pticata Urubu i Devica")

Jovica Mihajlovski

as Ringo & Bronski (segment "Wonderful World" & segment "Djavol vo srceto")

Jovica Mihajlovski

as Djubredzijata & Dutkaviot (segment "Pticata Urubu i Devica" & segment "Djavol vo srceto")

International Titles

Light Gray Trailer

Svetlo sivo Trailer

International Releases Dates

Macedonia 01 January 1993

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