Le secret de Jérôme Trailer

Le secret de Jérôme Trailer (1994)

23 September 1994 Drama

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Myriam Cyr

as Julitte

Germain Houde

as Jean Nicholas

Rémy Girard

as Cyrille Marquis

Denis Lapalme

as Jérôme

Viola Léger

as Modeste Bourneuf

Bernard Leblanc

as Antoine Bourneuf

Isabelle Roy

as Elisabeth Thibodeau

Bertrand Dugas

as Didier Thibodeau

Andrea Parro

as Molidje

Lionel Doucette

as Father Daly

Neil Thompson

as Charles McIntyre

Donat Lacroix

as Alzémir LeBlanc

Hugues Paulin

as Fils d'Alzémir

Julien Cormier

as Visiteur

Denise Bouchard

as Visiteur

International Titles

Jerome titka Trailer

Jerome's Secret Trailer

International Releases Dates

Canada 23 September 1994

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