Night of the Demons 2 Trailer

Night of the Demons 2 Trailer (1994)

"Angela's Having Another Party -- Wait Till You Meet Her Friends." 31 May 1994 Horror, Comedy 96 mins

Angela, the universe's most unpleasant party crasher, returns! Angela's sister, Mouse, is taken by her bullying Catholic school classmates to a party at Angela's favorite haunt, and before long, everybody's being turned into demons and only a butt-kickin' nun, who wields her ruler like a mighty sword of steel, can save the day.

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Merle Kennedy

as Mouse / Melissa

Rod McCary

as Father Bob

Johnny Moran

as Johnny

Jennifer Rhodes

as Sister Gloria

Zoe Trilling

as Shirley

Ladd York

as Kurt

Mark Neely

as Albert

James W. Quinn

as Demon Voice


Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson Makeup Artist

Jim Manzie

Original Music Composer

David Lewis

David Lewis Director of Photography

Wendy Guidery

Wendy Guidery Production Design

Darcy Kaye

Darcy Kaye Art Direction

International Titles

La noche de los demonios 2 Trailer

A Noite dos Demônios 2 Trailer

La noche de los demonios 2 Trailer

Noc demonów II: Zemsta Angeli Trailer

Night of the Demons II Trailer

Night Of The Demons: Angela's Revenge Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 31 May 1994

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