Avittam Thirunaal Aarogya Sriman Trailer

Avittam Thirunaal Aarogya Sriman Trailer (1995)

14 August 1995 Drama

Outspoken Achutha Kurup (Jagathi Sreekumar) is the oldest patriarch of the Mankoyikkal family, but who is now persona non grata within his extended family, as each family tries to get rid of him as he takes turns visiting them. His eldest nephew, Prabhakaran (Balachandra Menon), seeing his state, writes a fake letter to each family, including his own, claiming that Kurup owned a big plot of land worth lakhs. After this news, all of Kurup's family starts tripping over each other to care for him.

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Jagathy Sreekumar

as Avittam Thirunaal Achutha Kurup Valiya Padathalavan

Balachandra Menon

as Prabhakaran

Shanthi Krishna

as Hemalatha


as Sahadevan

K P A C Lalitha

as Devayani

Viji Thamby

as Arumukham Thampi


as Jalaja


as Sukumara Pillai


as Kousalya


as Phalgunan


as Nakulan

Krishnan Kutty Nair

as K.K. Kishakkedam


as Mangalan Mankombu

International Releases Dates

India 14 August 1995

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