Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story Trailer

Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story Trailer (1995)

21 May 1995 210 mins

The story of the life of the actress Elizabeth Taylor.

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Sherilyn Fenn

as Elizabeth Taylor

Nigel Havers

as Michael Wilding

Angus Macfadyen

as Richard Burton

Katherine Helmond

as Hedda Hopper

Kevin McCarthy

as Sol Siegel

Ray Wise

as Mike Todd

Charles Frank

as John Warner

Michael McGrady

as Larry Fortensky

Corey Parker

as Eddie Fisher

Eric Gustavson

as Nicky Hilton

Christine Healy

as Sara Taylor

Daniel McVicar

as Rock Hudson

William McNamara

as Montgomery Clift


Douglas Milsome

Douglas Milsome Director of Photography

Ken Thorne

Original Music Composer

Sandy Getzler

Sandy Getzler Art Direction

Jane Robinson

Jane Robinson Costume Design

Hugh Benson

Hugh Benson Producer

Lester Persky

Lester Persky Executive Producer

James J. Agazzi

James J. Agazzi Production Design

Donald Krafft

Donald Krafft Set Decoration

International Releases Dates

United States 21 May 1995

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