Maborosi Trailer

Maborosi Trailer (1995)

01 October 1995 Drama, Thriller, Foreign 110 mins

A young woman's husband apparently commits suicide without warning or reason, leaving behind his wife and infant. Yumiko remarries and moves from Osaka to a small fishing village, yet continues to search for meaning in a lonely world.

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Makiko Esumi

as Yumiko

Midori Kiuchi

as Michiko

Akira Emoto

as Yoshihiro

Hidekazu Akai

as Master

Hiromi Ichida

as Hatsuko

Minori Terada

as Detective

Ren Osugi

as Hiroshi, Yumiko's Father

Kikuko Hashimoto

as Kiyo, Yumiko's Grandmother

Takashi Inoue

as Driver

Sayaka Yoshino

as Yumiko as a Young Girl


Naoe Gozu

Naoe Gozu Producer

Yutaka Shigenobu

Yutaka Shigenobu Executive Producer

Ming Chang Chen

Original Music Composer

Masao Nakabori

Masao Nakabori Cinematography

Kyôko Heya

Kyôko Heya Production Design

Kyôko Heya

Kyôko Heya Art Direction

Keiji Akatsuka

Keiji Akatsuka Set Decoration

Yoshihito Akatsuka

Yoshihito Akatsuka Set Decoration

Michiko Kitamura

Michiko Kitamura Costume Design

Masao Nakabori

Masao Nakabori Director of Photography

International Titles

Maboroshi - Licht der Illusion Trailer

Maboroshi no hikari Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 15 May 2003

United Kingdom 21 June 1996

United States 01 October 1995

Production Companies

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