Dr. Wai in 'The Scripture with No Words' Trailer

Dr. Wai in 'The Scripture with No Words' Trailer (1996)

10 February 1996 Action, Comedy 86 mins

A serial adventure writer with problems in his personal life lives out the adventures of his literary hero, King of Adventurers.

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Jet Li

as Chow Si-Kit

Jet Li

as Wai Bok Si / Chow Si Kit

Rosamund Kwan

as Monica

Rosamund Kwan

as Monica Kwan / Cammy

Charlie Yeung

as Yvonne / Yan Yan

Charlie Yeung

as Yvonne

Law Kar-Ying

as Headmaster

Billy Chow

as Chan / Japanese Embassy Guard

Billy Chow

as Mr Chan

Collin Chou

as The Movie Star / Hung Sing (as Sing Ngai)

Collin Chou

as Hung Sing

Johnny Kong

as Mr Lo


Tsai Mu Ho

Tsai Mu Ho Producer

Moon-Tong Lau

Moon-Tong Lau Cinematography

Chung Man Yee

Chung Man Yee Production Design

Jason Mok

Jason Mok Art Direction

Kwan Kit Mok

Kwan Kit Mok Costume Design

Yin-leung Ma

Yin-leung Ma Visual Effects

Frankie Chan Fan-Kei

Original Music Composer

International Titles

冒险王 Trailer

Die Schrift des Todes Trailer

Jet Li - Die Schrift des Todes Trailer

Jet Li - Schrift des Todes Trailer

Schrift des Todes Trailer

Dr Wai Trailer

Mo him wong Trailer

Dr. Wai in 'The Scripture with No Words' Trailer

Mao xian wang Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 25 May 1999

Hong Kong 14 March 1996

United States 10 February 1996

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