Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco Trailer

Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco Trailer (1996)

"Your favorite talking animals are back!" 08 March 1996 Adventure, Drama, Comedy 89 mins

Your favorite talking animals are back! The film focuses on the further adventures of Shadow (voiced by Ralph Waite), Sassy (voiced by Sally Field), and Chance (voiced by Michael J. Fox). Shadow is the old, wise one and presumably the leader of the three. Sassy is the smart-aleck of the bunch, but helpful in times as well. Chance is the young, anxious one who usually gets into trouble and relies o

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Sally Field

as Sassy

Ralph Waite

as Shadow

Robert Hays

as Bob Seaver

Kim Greist

as Laura Burnford-Seaver

Michael Bell

as Stokey

Al Michaels

as Sparky Michaels

Tommy Lasorda

as Lucky Lasorda

Bob Uecker

as Trixie Uecker

Tress MacNeille

as French Poodle

Jon Polito

as Ashcan


as Riley

Carla Gugino

as Delilah

International Titles

Retour au bercail 2: Perdus à San Francisco Trailer

Retour au bercail II: Perdu à San Francisco Trailer

Volviendo a Casa 2 Perdidos en San Francisco Trailer

Homeward Bound 2 Trailer

Homeward Bound 2 (1996) Trailer

Homeward Bound 2 - Lost in San Francisco Trailer

Homeward Bound 2 - Lost in San Francisco (1996) Trailer

International Releases Dates

France 19 April 1996

United Kingdom 08 March 1996

Sweden 13 September 1996

United States 08 March 1996

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