Mistrial Trailer

Mistrial Trailer (1996)

"One man has taken control of the courtroom - and it isn't the judge." 02 November 1996 Drama, Action, Thriller 89 mins

When a cop-killer goes free, a detective's search for personal justice veers dangerously out of control. Declaring a mistrial, he takes the accused, the judge and the jury hostage...and begins a trial of his own.

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Bill Pullman

as Steve Donohue

Robert Loggia

as Captain Lou Unger

Blair Underwood

as Lieutenant C. Hodges

Leo Burmester

as Commissioner Russell Crane

Roma Maffia

as Laurie Meisinger

James Rebhorn

as Mayor Taylor

Jon Seda

as Eddie Rios

Josef Sommer

as Nick Mirsky

Casey Siemaszko

as Detective Bobby Zito

Kate Burton

as Katherine Donohue

Peter MacNeill

as Chief Inspecter Ray Hartman

Roberta Maxwell

as Judge Friel

Anita La Selva

as Paula Lomax

Stewart Bick

as Assistant Evan Glassman

Alice Poon

as Linda Woo

Miriam Colon

as Mrs. Cruz


David Chapman

David Chapman Production Design

Rod Dean

Rod Dean Editor

Jon Poll

Jon Poll Editor

Rebecca Spikings

Rebecca Spikings Co-Producer

Bruce Cohen

Bruce Cohen Producer

Mark Haack

Mark Haack Art Direction

Geena Davis

Geena Davis Executive Producer

Renny Harlin

Renny Harlin Executive Producer

Bart Brown

Bart Brown Associate Producer

Paul Sarossy

Paul Sarossy Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

United States 02 November 1996

Production Companies

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