O trech rytírích, krásné paní a lnené kytli Trailer

O trech rytírích, krásné paní a lnené kytli Trailer (1996)

05 September 1996 Family

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Jirí Zahajský

as Хозяин замка

Filip Blažek

as Третий Рыцарь

Jakub Kohl

as Второй Рыцарь

Jitka Ježková

as Девушка

Oldrich Bubrle

as Музыкант

Heda Hosková

as Певец

Jirí Hálek

as Страх

Jaroslav Kepka

as Лекарь

Filip Rajmont

as Шут

Michaela Kuklová

as Любовь

Petr Traxler

as Поэт

Filip Rajmont

as Шталмейстер

Karel Pospísil

as Шталмейстер

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Czech Republic 05 September 1996

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