Trujillo: El poder del jefe III Trailer

Trujillo: El poder del jefe III Trailer (1996)

"Documentary" 10 July 1996 Factual 81 mins

The third and last documentary part of the series of that began in 1991 with the "The Power of Generalissimo", first part. Here are the happened most important events in the Dominican Republic in the period between the 16 of August of 1952, date of the arrival to the of Negro Trujillo like President of the Republic, and the 8 of November of 1961, day of the exit of the country of Ranfis Trujillo and their family. Between the events treated in this part they stand out the trip from Trujillo to Spain, the Fair of La Paz, the kidnapping of Galíndez, the invasion of the 14 of June, the death of the sisters Mirabal, the execution of the dictator, and the death in which they participated in the plot against Trujillo, among other subjects. René Fortunato concludes therefore an historical revision that would be added to many others of equal magnitude in the literary order, but that in the audio-visual area has become the document more taken advantage of in terms its educative value.

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Dominican Republic 10 July 1996

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