Watch Me Fly Trailer

Watch Me Fly Trailer (1996)

01 February 1996 Drama, Family 80 mins

A story about friendship and sticking together through tough times. The movie shows how two young girls and their families cope with their differences, how they are brought together and torn apart and how they are changed by the injury of a racing pigeon. But when the girls take it upon themselves to heal the pigeon, its recovery can bring them all hope.

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Stephanie Leon

as Maj-Brit

Laura Christensen

as Christina (as Laura Elisabeth Christensen)

Stina Ekblad

as Marianne

Jesper Christensen

as Hans-Jørgen

Emil Nyløkke Thorup

as Jonas (as Emil Thorup)

Benedikte Hansen

as Middagsgæst

Gerz Feigenberg

as Middagsgæst

Sam Besekow

as Ældre mand

Brian Nielsen

as Carls boksetræner

Peter Aude

as Onkel Per

Hannah Bjarnhof

as Ekspedient i forretning

Vigga Bro

as Klasselæreren


Vibeke Gad


Lisbet Matz

Lisbet Matz Line Producer

Jens Ravn

Jens Ravn Producer

Palle Arestrup

Palle Arestrup Art Direction

Jan Weincke

Jan Weincke Cinematography

Jytte Krogh Thomsen

Jytte Krogh Thomsen Costume Design

Lene Ravn Henriksen

Lene Ravn Henriksen Makeup Artist

Otto Stenov

Otto Stenov Lighting Technician

Per Nielsen

Per Nielsen Executive Consultant

Jan Weincke

Jan Weincke Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

Denmark 01 February 1996

Production Companies

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