Cloned Trailer

Cloned Trailer (1997)

28 September 1997 Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi 120 mins

In the year 2008, a married couple is distraught over losing their 8 year old son in a boating accident. However, when the mother suddenly sees another child who looks identical to her dead child, the Mother investigates the fertility clinic who aided her with her pregnancy and discovers that they cloned her child in an experiment dubbed "Baby 2000". She also discovers that they still have the genes to develop another child for them and faces the question of whether the couple wants another identical child.

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Elizabeth Perkins

as Skye Weston

Bradley Whitford

as Rick Weston

Scott Paulin

as John Gryce

Enrico Colantoni

as Steve Rinker

Tina Lifford

as Claire Barnes

Alan Rosenberg

as Dr. Wesley Kozak

Hrothgar Mathews

as Dr. Mason

Chilton Crane

as Beth Curtis

Alexander Pollock

as Timmy/ Chris

Wendy Van Riesen

as Agent Fuller

Fulvio Cecere

as Agent Briggs

Bill Dow

as Alan Prescott

David Kaye

as Reid Kennedy

Paul Batten

as Banker #2

Roger R. Cross

as Frank Zago

Eric Keenleyside

as Counterman


Brent Thomas

Brent Thomas Production Design

Randy Chodak

Randy Chodak Art Direction

James G. Fisher

James G. Fisher Special Effects Coordinator

Donald Gillard

Donald Gillard Special Effects

Lee Wilson

Lee Wilson Visual Effects Supervisor

Yves Cameron

Yves Cameron Stunt Coordinator

J.J. Makaro

J.J. Makaro Stunt Coordinator

Marty Wereski

Marty Wereski Music Editor

International Titles

Clonagrem Trailer

Laboratoire de clonage Trailer

Cloned - Die Menschenmacher Trailer

Geklont - Babys um jeden Preis Trailer

Kloonattu Trailer

Traits pour traits Trailer

A klónok eljövetele Trailer

Il gemello perfetto Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 07 August 1998

Italy 02 December 1999

Sweden 04 August 1999

United States 28 September 1997

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